Lockdown 2.0: Should gyms have stayed open?

lockdown2.0 man working out

Lockdown is back for England, with businesses putting shutters down once again. But one business that’s caused a lot of controversy, is gyms.  The issue first hit headlines when Body Tech Fitness owner, Nick Whitcombe, refused to shut his gym doors when Liverpool was put under Tier 3 restrictions last month. He said “We are …

Could CBD help with period pains?

Period pain

Periods. The monthly visitor nobody wants to see. And not just because of the bleeding. For a lot of women, periods come with things like mood swings, emotional rollercoasters, headaches, bloating, breakouts and tiredness to name a few. But one thing most women have commonly faced during their time of the month is period pains.  …

4 things CBD can do to our bodies

woman meditating in tropical climate

While we’re all still on a journey to find out what CBD can really do for our bodies, we’ve created a summary of 4 benefits you might not have known about CBD so far. 1. CBD and types of anxiety  Whether it’s a personal experience or medical studies/research you’ve read about, it’s showing that a …

CBG: The next cannabinoid of the decade?


No doubt you’ve already heard of the two best-known cannabinoids in the world, THC and CBD. Now a third cannabinoid, CBG (cannabigerol), which is found in small amounts amongst hundreds of other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, could be linked to positive health benefits of its own.  Despite CBG being new to the scene with …

Up your downtime

a couple sleeping

Did you know one in three of us don’t get enough sleep? A good night’s sleep is crucial to a healthier lifestyle, so it’s important we support our body clock. When it comes to sleep and sleep disorders, CBD helps calm the body and mind in a natural way – supporting the process of winding …

Could CBD help grieving elephants?

sam balye 1aJiV6n z0c unsplash

To help three grieving African elephants, Warsaw Zoo in Poland is giving them CBD oil treatment, after the eldest and largest female member of the herd passed away.  Sadly, the zoo’s elephants were showing symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression, and like humans, elephants grieve, cry and even hold funerals for the ones they’ve lost. …

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