Why is CBD coffee hot right now?

CBD coffee

Today’s International Coffee Day, and in celebration, we’re talking about the latest trend that’s stirring up a fuss – CBD coffee.

While research into the effects of CBD are still ongoing, both public and professionals have said that CBD could help towards bringing balance to the body, inflammation, anxiety, depression and other health conditions.

But is putting CBD in coffee a good idea? From what we’ve seen online, it’s caused quite the debate.

What’s great about CBD coffee?

It can stop those caffeine jitters
The ‘adenosine’ receptor that normally reacts to caffeine also reacts to CBD, so combining the two takes the caffeine edge off – leaving people awake and alert, rather than shaky and nervous.

One of the better ways to take CBD
When you take CBD orally through coffee, it passes through your digestive system, gets processed by your liver and finally reaches your bloodstream. While this method takes your body longer to process, it could mean the CBD effects last longer.

It tastes better
From forums, articles and reviews across the internet, CBD coffee seems to taste the exact same as your favourite coffee order – making it a more enjoyable way of taking CBD. It also explains why CBD coffee shops are popping up all over the UK.

What’s not so great about CBD coffee?

Everyone’s different
The correct CBD dosage can depend on the person. While taking too little CBD can leave you feeling no effects whatsoever, taking too much can lead to adverse side effects like nausea. It’s all about finding your optimal dose, which for some can take time.

It’s not the best way to take CBD
While ingesting CBD orally is a good way to take CBD oil, it isn’t the best. To get the most effective results, we recommend you take CBD oil by dropping it under your tongue and keeping it there for up to 90 seconds. More CBD is absorbed this way, and quicker, as it has a more direct route into your bloodstream through your mucus membranes.

So, what’s our thoughts?
In a nutshell – you do you. Many people online have talked about their experiences with drinking CBD coffee. For some, it’s become their new morning routine, while others can’t see themselves drinking it every day. We’re all different, so to find out what works best for you, give methods like CBD coffee a go. We just recommend you start out with smaller doses and build it up, so you avoid any adverse side effects.

Have you tried CBD coffee? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the comments or on our socials.

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