Three ways to take Puregenics CBD oil

Puregenics CBD

Everybody’s different, so finding the right way to take your CBD is crucial. Here’s three ways to help you fit Puregenics into your everyday routine.

  • The sublingual method

The sublingual method is the more formal way of saying ‘under the tongue’. To get the most effective results, we recommend you use this method. It’s a more direct route into your bloodstream and soaks up into your system quicker through your mucus membranes. We suggest you drop the oil under your tongue and keep it there for 90 seconds before swallowing. 

  • The topical method

While research into CBD is still ongoing, in previous blogs such as ‘Four things CBD can do to our bodies’, we’ve talked about how studies have found using CBD could potentially help with pain and skin problems. 

Several of our customers that suffer from things such as sore feet and joints, as well as psoriasis, found mixing their daily dose with a cream to put directly on to their skin worked really well for them.

  • The food and drink method

While we love the natural taste of Puregenics, it’s not for everyone, so people like to add CBD oil to food and drink. 

There’s lots of recipes on the internet you can take inspiration from, or you can jump on the bandwagon of the growing trend we talked about a few months ago, and add CBD to coffee.

However, while it may taste better taking CBD with food and drink, there are a few things to consider. Digesting CBD orally through the digestive tract could mean your body won’t absorb as much of it, and can also take longer for you to feel the results, unlike taking it sublingually. You also have to be careful and make sure you’re taking the correct dose to get the best results for you.

How do you take your Puregenics CBD oil? Let us know in the comments.

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