Up your downtime – CBD and sleep

CBD and sleep

Did you know one in three of us don’t get enough sleep?

A good night’s sleep is crucial to a healthier lifestyle, so it’s important we support our body clock. When it comes to sleep and sleep disorders, CBD helps calm the body and mind in a natural way – supporting the process of winding down or tuning out of conscious thought. 

CBD’s calming effect for sleep disorders and all-round improvement for a better night’s shut-eye stems from the fact it helps our muscles and joints – especially when it comes to chronic conditions. This is thanks to CBD expanding our arteries and lowering our blood pressure.

So how much CBD do you need to take to see an improvement? To help find a natural kind of tiredness and inner peace, it’s all about getting the right optimal dosage. Everyone is different, so the correct dosage can depend on the person, their body weight, metabolism, body chemistry and the CBD oil strength they’ve chosen. Generally, taking too much CBD oil won’t do any harm, but in rare circumstances, you could experience side effects, so make sure you start off slowly to find your optimal dose. 

By supporting a better night’s sleep, it could help you avoid health conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and a shorter life expectancy. 

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