The world’s first CBD face mask

CBD face mask

Wallet, phone, keys and now… a face mask. Who would’ve thought a mask would now be part of our everyday essentials we left the house with?

Not only has COVID-19 shaken up our world, it’s changed almost everything we do in daily life. And in a blog about ‘Work life in 2020’ we posted last month, it was clear people were turning to CBD to help with anxiety, panic and stress from the pandemic.

So PLAYA London, a clothing brand that normally creates 100% organic cotton peshtemal shirts, put two and two together and released the world’s first antiviral CBD face mask.

Retailing at £40.00, PLAYA London’s face mask claims to:

  • Have an ‘outer layer enhanced with active antimicrobial agent, reducing COVID-19 activity by 99.5%’
  • Have a middle layer of ‘>90% particle retention filter’
  • Have an inner layer ‘infused with 99.9% CBD to reduce skin irritation, acne and anxiety’
  • Be ‘biodegradable’
  • Have a ‘mild eucalyptus scent’
  • Have been ‘designed to avoid lipstick smear’
  • Be ‘washable and reusable’
  • Be ‘water-repellent’

While there hasn’t been any reviews on the mask just yet, we can’t argue that CBD studies have shown it can help anxiety, skin and acne

With evidence, as well as people’s personal experiences out there about CBD, has this encouraged you to buy the world’s first CBD face mask? Let us know in the comments.

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