12 tips of Christmas

family at christmas

January, February, March… December? This year has disappeared right before our eyes, and now, it’s just two weeks until Christmas Day. So we thought we’d give you 12 tips to celebrate the most wonderful (and let’s face it, stressful) time of the year.

  • A Christmas ‘night out’

Sadly, meeting up with friends or having a Christmas party with colleagues is off the cards this year, but we now know that lots of things can be done remotely – so set a date, and organise a remote Christmas ‘night out’. If you’re with colleagues, you could organise some party games, or if you’re with a close group of friends, you could have a meal together and make your favourite. It means there’s no fighting over where to go for food and drinks, it’s a lot cheaper, and you can head ‘home’ whenever you want. 

  • Get prepping

While your Christmas pudding might be prepped, why not get ahead of the game for the Christmas dinner too? You might be limited on what you can do until the day, but how about cutting up the veg in preparation and freezing it? It’ll mean you can spend more time enjoying Christmas with the family – and we definitely deserve that this year.

  • Blow away the cobwebs

It’s the little things that make a big difference. How about exploring areas near you that you don’t normally? Treat yourself to a trip to the coast with some fish and chips, or a walk in the countryside with a picnic. 

  • Check out the Christmas lights

Some people really do go all out on the decorations, and the kids love it. How about taking them for a drive or winter’s walk to see how people are bringing the Christmas spirit to your area? 

  • Deck the halls

Chances are, you’ve decked the halls already for Christmas, but how about getting crafty with the kids and kitting out their room for Santa coming? They’ve had a tough year too, and decorating their bedroom could really boost their morale and get them excited for Christmas.

  • A Christmas games night

Time to turn off the technology and get the games out. Whether it’s an old-school game of Scrabble, Twister, or the latest craze all the kids are talking about – it’s time to have some family fun and remember what Christmas is all about. 

  • Let’s get personal

Sadly, not everyone will be able to see their families or friends this Christmas, so how about doing something a little personal? Why don’t you get the kids to spread some Christmas cheer by making a personalised card, gift or home-made sweet treat to drop off at a family or friend’s door? 

  • Enjoy a Christmas market

Despite the current restrictions, outdoor Christmas markets are still going ahead in certain places. Check out what’s happening in your area and see if there’s any going on. It means you can help #SupportLocal and get presents that are a little different too. 

  • Head to a drive-in cinema

Again, because of current restrictions, drive-in cinemas have been very popular across the UK. See what’s happening in your area for Christmas – there could be some festive films on the big screen, and Santa might even be there with his elves.

  • A Christmas movie marathon

If you want to stay in the comfort of your own home, a Christmas movie marathon is one of the best ways to spend a day during the festive period. Let everyone in the house pick a film each, enjoy plenty of snacks and chill out. Why not get everyone matching PJs and face masks to add to the relaxation?

  • Help those who need it

This year more than ever, we know not to take what we have for granted, and some charities have been hit hard this year because of the pandemic. Is there any way you can help out a charity close to your heart this Christmas? 

  • Retail therapy

This can be one of the best ways to spend a day out. Whether that’s looking around clothes shops, a toy store, garden centre or supermarket, sometimes buying a little pick-me-up can brighten your day.

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