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If you’re looking to buy CBD oil, you’re in the right place. Find our full range of products here, available in different strengths and bottle sizes.

If you are looking for advice before you buy your CBD oil we have information about CBD and medications, and CBD dosage, or you can contact Puregenics CBD for more information.

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1000mg CBD oil - If you’re new around this neck of the woods, we recommend you start your CBD journey with our lightest blend. With the 1,000mg bottle, it gives you a chance to work out your optimal dose and see how it can support your body. 


Are you an avid user of CBD oil? Why not try its parent substance? Found in higher concentrations of hemp, THC and CBD wouldn’t exist without CBG, making it a stronger blend than your usual CBD oil. To get started, we recommend you try our 1000mg dose of CBG oil. 


If you’ve dabbled with CBD oil before or tried our Starter Bottle, we recommend our 3000mg CBD bottle. For those who want a higher strength, this is a great stepping stone to supporting your mind and body. 


Are you a fan of the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’? If you want something stronger, upgrading to our 2000mg CBG oil dose could be your next step. We recommend it if you’ve used CBG plenty of times before or want to move up from our 1,000mg blend.


Are you happy in your skin? Why don’t you support those good body vibes even more by stepping it up a notch to our 6,000mg dose? As one of our strongest blends, we recommend this to those experienced CBD users, or those wanting to move up from our 3000mg CBD oil in a 30ml bottle.


9000mg CBD oil in a 30 ml bottle - Are you a big CBD fan like us? Our 9,000mg dose will be right up your street. Not only is it our strongest blend, it’s also one of the strongest in the UK.  We also recommend it to those wanting to move up from our 6000mg CBD oil in a 30 ml bottle.

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