CBD and Medications

In the case of CBD and medications, as with any natural product, it is important to consult with your physician/doctor/medical team prior to beginning use.

There are some slight risks associated with using CBD in high doses or for extended periods of time, including:

Mild low blood pressure, dry mouth, lightheadedness, sedation, reduced activity of T and B cells, decreased fertilisation capacity, reduced p-Glycoprotein activity, and reduced activity of CYP460 Cytochrome Enzyme.

PLEASE keep in mind that these side effects illustrate worst-case scenarios with CBD, and are not necessarily typical.

There is one major exception to the “generally harmless” attitude about CBD and that is the negative effect cannabinoids can have on the functioning of the liver’s CYP450 enzyme.

Approximately 60% of all pharmaceutical drugs undergo metabolism by this enzyme, including, BUT not limited to….

Steroids, HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, antihistamines, prokinetics, HIV-antivirals, immune modulators, benzodiazepines, anti-arrhythmics, Antibiotics, anaesthetics, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti-epileptics, beta blockers, PPIs, NSAIDs, angiotensin II blockers, oral hypoglycemic agents, sulfonylureas.

CYP450 enzyme inhibitory action as CBD.

It is important to note that even something as benign as grapefruit juice can cause the same CYP450 enzyme inhibitory action as CBD.

Before taking CBD

The most important things to do before taking CBD (or any other herbal product) is to research any possible drug interactions and talk with your medical team to address any additional questions regarding CBD drug interactions or overdose concerns.


  • Pregnancy and Breast feeding:
    Cannabidiol is possibly unsafe to use if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Persons under 18 years of age:
    CBD should not be given to persons under 18 years of age – especially children.

Allergy Warning

If you have had an allergy to coconuts, coconut oil, medium chain trilycerides (MCT), or any other part of MCT oil – please be aware that our CBD oil contains MCT oil.