CBD Novel Food Authorisation

What does Novel Foods and FSA authorised mean?

Following the announcement from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) we are delighted to let our customers know that Puregenics has been recognised as a pre-approved manufacturer of CBD products. This announcement not only ensures that our products will remain on sale after our initial Novel Food application, it also reaffirms that we are one of the most trusted CBD brands on the market.

What is a Novel Food?

CBD users will no doubt have heard of the Novel Food legislation which sets out to regulate the CBD industry and help ensure consumers find only the safest, high-quality CBD products. The term ‘Novel Food’ simply means that this type of product has no history of mass consumption before May 1997, so in order to be deemed fit for sale, it must be evaluated and authorised by the FSA.

In January 2019, CBD was deemed a novel food, which meant that all businesses selling CBD products had to submit applications for all of their consumable CBD products before the 2021 deadline.

This assessment of CBD products aims to ensure that all products on the market maintain high standards. At Puregenics, we welcomed this move to ensure the CBD industry continues to thrive and to ensure that our customers know how committed we are to quality and full transparency.

Novel Food Compliant

After rigorous evaluations we are incredibly proud to be one of the few CBD brands in the UK that have made it on to the list of pre-approved CBD products. Since planting our very first hemp seed on our farm in Andalucia, Spain, we have been committed to ethically and sustainably harvesting high-quality CBD. Our mission has always been to focus on quality and only use the finest, European feminised hemp seeds that are GMO, gluten and pesticide free. With over 800 CBD brands submitting applications and very few making the cut, we’re incredibly proud that Puregenics CBD products have been authorised by the FSA.

What does this mean for our customers?

By choosing to buy your CBD products from Puregenics, you’re choosing peace of mind. The latest announcement and inclusion on the government’s public list cements our status as a trusted brand in the CBD industry. In a rapidly growing industry, our focus will always be on ensuring our customers can shop in confidence, whether it’s through our commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients or offering help and advice on any of our CBD products. As the CBD industry continues to grow, we’re excited to grow alongside it.